A Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure whereby the surgeon will perform liposuction of fat from somewhere on your body where you don’t want it (typically the stomach and sides) .The surgeon will then inject the collected fat back into the buttocks or hips. Augmenting your buttocks with your own body fat means that there is little chance of infection or rejection.


Generally, after three months, the fat that has not been absorbed by the body will remain permanently in the bum.

Brazilian butt lift techniques have improved over time; fat survival rates of 80% are now possible when using the most advanced fat filtration and fat grafting techniques.

Gisela L

I was treated by Dr Nalluri who is a highly qualified and experienced consultant dermatologist. My treatment experience and outcome were excellent. Friendly, helpful staff, lovely clean environment, highly recommended. Useful Share

Satya L

Great staff, attentive and always able to answer my questions. Dr Oudit really listened and gave good advice to make sure I knew everything before the surgery. Highly recommend it – was worth the travel!


I felt comfortable with Mr Oudit right from the start. He was extremely thorough and went through all the information I needed right from the first consultation. The staff are great and on hand anytime you need to speak to anyone, especially Abna. I had no doubt in my mind Mr Oudit was the right surgeon for my procedure after our first conversation. I am only 5 days post-op and just received a lovely bouquet of flowers from the team. Thank you all so much, My Cosmetic Clinic. I will definitely recommend to family and friends.