Understanding and Treating Abdominal Fat

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1. What is Abdominal Fat?

Abdominal fat is the accumulation of adipose tissue within the abdominal cavity, which is divided into two main types: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat lies just beneath the skin and is often the ‘pinchable’ layer that can cause concerns about body image. Visceral fat, however, is stored deeper in the abdomen, surrounding vital organs. It is this type of fat that is associated with a higher risk of serious health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

2. What Causes Abdominal Fat?

The causes of abdominal fat are multifaceted and can include a combination of genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances, and lifestyle factors. A diet high in calories, especially from processed foods and sugary beverages, can lead to weight gain and an increase in abdominal fat. Physical inactivity is another significant contributor, as it reduces the number of calories burned and can lead to muscle loss, which in turn lowers the metabolic rate. Stress is also a key player, as it triggers the release of the hormone cortisol, which has been linked to increased abdominal fat. Additionally, sleep deprivation can disrupt hormonal balance, leading to increased appetite and cravings for high-calorie foods.

3. How to Treat Abdominal Fat:

While lifestyle changes and medical interventions are foundational in managing abdominal fat, Dr. Deemesh Oudit offers specialized surgical procedures for those seeking a more direct and effective solution. These surgeries are ideal for individuals who maintain a healthy lifestyle but struggle with abdominal fat resistant to diet and exercise.

Surgical Procedures Offered by Dr. Oudit:

  • VASER LIPOSUCTION: This advanced form of liposuction uses ultrasonic technology to target and remove fat, offering a less invasive option with a quicker recovery time. VASER Liposuction is particularly effective for contouring the abdominal area, providing a more toned and defined appearance.
  • ABDOMINOPLASTY (Tummy Tuck): Dr. Oudit excels in abdominoplasty, a comprehensive procedure that not only removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal region but also tightens weakened or separated muscles. This procedure is ideal for individuals seeking dramatic improvements in their abdominal profile.
  • LIPOSUCTION: Traditional liposuction is another option offered by Dr. Oudit. This procedure is effective in removing localized fat deposits from the abdomen, resulting in a smoother, more contoured appearance.
  • MOMMY MAKEOVER: This customized treatment plan can include a combination of procedures like abdominoplasty and liposuction, specifically designed for women who want to restore their pre-pregnancy body shape.

It’s important to note that these surgical options are not substitutes for a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Oudit ensures each patient is a suitable candidate for surgery and that all procedures align with the individual’s overall health and aesthetic goals.

It’s important to note that surgical options should be discussed with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can provide personalized advice based on an individual’s health, medical history, and aesthetic goals. Dr. Deemesh Oudit, a renowned plastic surgeon in Manchester, offers a range of body contouring procedures that can address abdominal fat and help patients achieve their desired results.

In conclusion, abdominal fat is a common concern with complex causes, ranging from dietary habits to hormonal factors. While lifestyle changes are the first line of defense, medical and surgical interventions can provide additional solutions for those looking to reduce abdominal fat. Consulting with a qualified professional like Dr. Oudit can help individuals navigate their options and choose the most effective treatment plan for their specific situation.


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Excellent surgeon highly recommended

Tina Bridges Avatar Tina Bridges
January 18, 2023

As a result of lipoedema, my legs had become so swollen and heavy that I couldn’t get clothes to fit, simple tasks were difficult, and my overall mental and physical health was suffering. I needed help but the NHS couldn’t respond so I found Mr Oudit through BMI. At the first meeting he explained that, given the size of my legs and the UK restrictions on liposuction, this would not be a quick fix. I was looking at three to four procedures over the course of a year and intense physiotherapy after each one. It was daunting, but I knew from the outset that I was in safe hands, and I put my trust in him. I was right to do so. Mr Oudit is a caring consultant, a skilled surgeon, and a gentle, thoughtful man. I felt that he always had my best interests at heart, listening to my thoughts and concerns, and then working his magic around them. He is supported by a fabulous therapist for the post-surgery period, and a lovely admin team who personalise the process. I am so grateful for all that Mr Oudit and his team have done. Thanks to them, nine months and three operations later I have new legs, new energy, and my life back. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

J L Avatar J L
November 18, 2023

Mr oudit did my breast surgery implants and uplift. He and his team are excellent from start to finish they were there with help in anything I needed regarding my procedure. Very professional kind and friendly nothing was tp much for them..I would highly recommend them excellent I'm so pleased with my end result

Mandi Allen Avatar Mandi Allen
October 18, 2023

Dr Oudit is absolutely GREAT! I had two procedures with him and the results are amazing! He is a fantastic doctor, very professional, very honest and moreover a very good person! He made me feel very comfortable since the first day I met him, I had the impression I was talking to a friend! If you need cosmetic surgery, do not look any further, he is the best! Thank you so much Dr Oudit and see you soon!

Anna Lucci Avatar Anna Lucci
January 18, 2022

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