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1.What are Fat Thighs?

Fat thighs, commonly referred to as thigh fat, is a condition where excess fat accumulates in the thigh region. This condition can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender, and is often considered a cosmetic concern by those who wish to achieve a more toned and contoured lower body appearance. Fat distribution in the thighs can vary from person to person, often influenced by genetic factors and overall body composition.

2.What causes Fat Thighs?

Several factors can contribute to the development of fat thighs. One of the primary causes is genetics, which can predetermine where and how your body stores fat. If your family members tend to accumulate fat in the thigh area, you are more likely to experience the same.

Hormonal changes, particularly in women, can also play a significant role. Estrogen, for example, can direct fat to be stored in the hips, buttocks, and thighs. This is why many women notice a change in their body shape during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.

Lifestyle choices are another significant contributor to fat thighs. A diet high in calories, especially those coming from processed foods and sugary beverages, can lead to weight gain and increased fat storage in the thighs. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle with limited physical activity can reduce muscle mass and increase body fat percentage, contributing to the appearance of fat thighs.

3.How to treat Fat Thighs?

Fat thighs can be a concern for many, seeking both aesthetic and physical comfort. At Dr. Deemesh Oudit’s clinic, we offer a range of treatments tailored to effectively address this issue, focusing on advanced surgical interventions that align with our expertise. Here are the treatments available at our clinic for managing fat thighs:

  • Liposuction: This is a surgical procedure aimed at removing excess fat from the thighs. Dr. Oudit uses advanced liposuction techniques to sculpt and contour the thigh area, reducing fat and improving overall shape.

  • Thigh Lift (Thighplasty): For clients with excess skin or fat in the thigh region, a thigh lift can be an effective solution. This procedure not only removes excess fat but also tightens the skin, resulting in smoother and more toned thighs.

  • VASER Liposuction: This is a more advanced form of liposuction that uses ultrasonic technology to target fat cells. VASER liposuction is particularly effective for sculpting and defining the thighs, offering precision and reduced recovery time.

  • Fat Transfer: In some cases, fat from the thighs can be harvested and transferred to other areas of the body where volume enhancement is desired. This dual-benefit procedure allows for fat reduction in the thighs while improving volume in areas like the buttocks or breasts.

  • Body Shaping Procedures: Our clinic also offers comprehensive body shaping solutions that can include treatment for the thighs. These procedures are designed to provide an overall harmonious and aesthetically pleasing body contour.

Each treatment plan is personalized, taking into account the individual’s specific needs and desired outcomes. Dr. Oudit’s expertise in plastic surgery ensures that each procedure is performed with the highest standards of safety and aesthetic excellence.

In conclusion, fat thighs are a common concern that can be addressed through a combination of dietary changes, increased physical activity, and potentially medical or surgical interventions. Consulting with a healthcare professional or a plastic surgeon can help you determine the best course of action for your specific situation and goals. Remember that every body is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. It’s important to set realistic goals and be patient with the process, as achieving the desired results can take time and effort.


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Never felt so confident in my life til now. Only one month post op and I feel amazing!! Thank you Dr Deemesh Oudit for changing my life.

Super Hoze Avatar Super Hoze
January 18, 2020

As a result of lipoedema, my legs had become so swollen and heavy that I couldn’t get clothes to fit, simple tasks were difficult, and my overall mental and physical health was suffering. I needed help but the NHS couldn’t respond so I found Mr Oudit through BMI. At the first meeting he explained that, given the size of my legs and the UK restrictions on liposuction, this would not be a quick fix. I was looking at three to four procedures over the course of a year and intense physiotherapy after each one. It was daunting, but I knew from the outset that I was in safe hands, and I put my trust in him. I was right to do so. Mr Oudit is a caring consultant, a skilled surgeon, and a gentle, thoughtful man. I felt that he always had my best interests at heart, listening to my thoughts and concerns, and then working his magic around them. He is supported by a fabulous therapist for the post-surgery period, and a lovely admin team who personalise the process. I am so grateful for all that Mr Oudit and his team have done. Thanks to them, nine months and three operations later I have new legs, new energy, and my life back. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

J L Avatar J L
November 18, 2023

Amazing and caring stuff professional doctors. My Surgeon Dr Oudit based at My Cosmetic Clinic in Salford, Chapel Street was thorough efficient and extremely helpful from start to finish. A gently spoken man who listens and gives you an honest professional opinion in terms of cosmetic achievement. The nurse who looked after me was absolutely phenomenal -Davina Pre -and -post Op. Thank you. Carla for Aftercare apps is amazing and lovely as well. Easy place to reach too. Thanks for everything guys! Loving my new contours!! 🙂

Shehnaz k Avatar Shehnaz k
March 18, 2023

Mr oudit did my breast surgery implants and uplift. He and his team are excellent from start to finish they were there with help in anything I needed regarding my procedure. Very professional kind and friendly nothing was tp much for them..I would highly recommend them excellent I'm so pleased with my end result

Mandi Allen Avatar Mandi Allen
October 18, 2023

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