Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

The size of women’s breasts can be influenced by their genetic make-up, body size or by hormonal factors. Some women develop breasts that are larger and disproportionate to their body size and habitus.



For some women, the clinical and psychological burdens over having large breasts can be unbearable.

Some women find that their oversized breasts can be very heavy and therefore produce unnecessary stress to these patients. In some patients the weight of their breasts can be so much that it leaves marks on their shoulders under their bra straps. Patients may also complain of back, neck and shoulder pains.Oversized breasts may also lead to rashes under the breasts and some patients can complain of the breasts getting in the way during their routine daily activities. The oversized breasts may also cause psychological problems to patients, sometimes leading women to lose self-confidence. 

Some women suffer in silence and never seek help. But this is treatable!

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that can be performed to reduce the size, volume and shape of the breasts. This is achieved by excising skin and breast tissues in a controlled manner so as to preserve the blood supply to the breasts. There are several techniques that can be used to achieve this. No one technique is suitable for every patient; the choice of technique depends on the size, volume and shape of the breasts and individually considered factors. The technique that is likely to produce the best result for you will be chosen.

The final result will be a size that is proportional to your chest size with optimal breast projection. There is room to make them smaller or larger if you so desire.

Generally, you will be left with a scar which extends around the areolar (the colored skin around the nipple) with an inverted T-shaped scar below.