Gynaecomastia is a clinical condition which represents abnormally enlarged breast tissues in men. It is caused by excess glandular and fatty tissues within the breas



It can be associated with some drug use or hormonal imbalance but, in most cases, there is no known cause. It is common in teenage boys but usually resolves by early adulthood.

Gynaecomastia can lead to embarrassment and this may result in low self-esteem and depression in affected men.For individuals who have tried a regime of exercise and diet and have had no success, then a surgical operation can be considered.

In some cases, when the enlargement is mainly due to excess fatty tissues, liposuction is useful. In other cases, where the enlargement is mainly due to breast tissue, then surgery can be useful to remove the excess disc of tissue through an incision around the areolar (the coloured disc of skin around the nipple).

More commonly a combination of surgery and liposuction are indicated.

In extreme cases, there is also an excess of skin which needs to be addressed with surgery. This procedure will leave a scar on the breast/chest.