The size of women’s breasts maybe influenced by simply their genetic make-up, body size or by hormonal factors. Some women develop breasts that are larger and disproportionate to their body size and habitus. Some women learn to live with these but for others the clinical and psychological burdens maybe just too much to put up with.


he over-sized breasts may be too heavy and therefore produce unnecessary stress to these patients. In some patients the weight of the breasts maybe so much that it leaves marks on the shoulders under the bra straps. Patients may also complain of back, neck and shoulder pains.
The oversize breast may also lead to rashes under the breasts. Some patients may complain of the breasts getting in the way during their routine daily activities.

The over-size breasts may also cause psychological problems to patients. This may lead come women to lose self-confidence around their work place, at home and amongst friends. In addition to this, some women become over-conscious of their breasts and may develop a perception of other people staring at them in an inappropriate manner.

A common complaint from women is that they cannot get the fashionable clothing to fit or may refuse to participate in sporting events. Some women suffer in silence and never seek help. But this is treatable!Breast reduction is a surgical procedure which can be done to reduce the size, volume and shape of the breasts. This achieved by excising skin and breast tissues in a controlled manner so as to preserve the blood supply to the breasts. There are several techniques which have described and used to achieve this. No one technique is suitable for every patient. The choice of technique depends on the size, volume and shape of the breasts and individually considered factors. The technique which is likely to produce the best result for you will be chosen.

The breasts are reduced in proportion to the size of your chest. The final result will be a size that is proportional to your chest size with optimal breast projection. There is room to make them smaller or larger if you so desire.

Before/After Transformation

Before/After Transformation

Anna Lucci

Dr Oudit is absolutely GREAT! I had two procedures with him and the results are amazing! He is a fantastic doctor, very professional, very honest and moreover a very good person! He made me feel very comfortable since the first day I met him, I had the impression I was talking to a friend! If you need cosmetic surgery, do not look any further, he is the best! Thank you so much Dr Oudit and see you soon!

Cathie Riddell

I made a decision to have my left ear pinned back because it was very prominent. I made an approach to the local BMI hospital and was given an appointment to consult with Mr Deemish. He explained the procedure to me and I left the consultation happy and confident that he would do a great job. Two weeks after the consultation I had the opertation. The operation was performed under a local anaesthetic, I did not feel anything apart from the injection. My ear was dressed and my head wrapped in a bandage, I had to keep this one for one week. I had mild pain and discomfort but was able to control that with paracetamol. When the nurse removed the bandage and dressing to reveal the result I was amazed and delighted with the result. It is now three weeks since the operation and I have no pain or discomfort. My ear looks “normal” and I am really pleased. Thank you Mr Oudit.

Claudia Skillen

Absolutely amazing, I showed Dr. Oudit what I was looking to achieve in my body and he gave me better! Honestly couldn’t recommend more, thank you for everything! 🙂